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RCF ES 3323mkII CD / USB / MP3 Player Mixer Amplifier with FM Tuner and Bluetooth

3 zone mixer amplifier with CD / USB MP3 player with FM tuner and Bluetooth connection, 4 universal mic/line inputs + 1 auxilliary input. 320 watts, 100v/70v line.


The RCF ES 3323mkII is a mixer-amplifier with CD/USB/MP3 player, tuner and Bluetooth connection and an aux input for an additional external music source.  With 4 mic-line audio inputs on removable connectors (the first input also has an XLR socket).

Suitable only for 70v and 100 volt line distributed sound systems with a nominal output power of 320 watts.

The 3 PAGING buttons on the front panel can be used to select zones to be paged by either channel 1 or 4; The 3 MUSIC buttons control music on in the respective zones.

Aux outputs are available to send the internal / external music source signals to additional amplifiers, mixers, phone systems, etc.

To expand the system, it is also possible to link a second generic external amplifier (delivering enough power for all loudspeakers, i.e. RCF UP 2321) to keep the background music in the zones that are not paged.

ES 3323-II is able to control the independent activation of announcements and music with separate control of the sound level of the 3 zones.

There is a 3 zone output and direct output at 100 V – 70 V line. All four inputs can access the priority through an external command, have a common ‘presence’ control and separate highpass filters that are useful for improving speech intelligibility.

Inputs 2 and 3 also have an RJ 45 socket for quick connection of an BM 3001 and BM 3003 paging microphone.

A screw terminal connector enables control of the master volume and the music volume from a remote area, and the selection of the music source can also be made via optional remote control

  • CD-USB/MP3 Player / FM tuner / Mixer Amplifier / 3 zone control – Bluetooth connection with external devices
  • IR Remote control for CD – USB/MP3 player & tuner functions
  • Full digital technology amplifier 320W RMS, 100V-70V outputs
  • 4 universal inputs with phantom facility, Presence Control and per-channel High-Pass filters
  • RJ45 connectors on input 2 and 3 for connection to BM3001 and BM 3003 microphone
  • Screw terminal connections, additional XLR and RJ45 input connections available
  • Configurable Priority settings, VOX facility on input 1
  • Selectable aux input for music source with volume and tone controls
  • USB port on front panel allows reproduction of MP3 files from a memory stick
  • Music On Hold and PRE outputs
  • The 3 PAGING buttons can be used to select zones to be paged by either the channel 1 or 4
  • GENERAL call button is available
  • The 3 MUSIC buttons turn the music on in the respective zones
  • Possible to link a external amplifier (i.e. RCF UP 2321) to keep the background music in the zones that are not paged
  • Lw impedance (min. 4 Ω) 2 W output for a monitor loudspeaker is available